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Personally I know what it feels like to be caught in an endless cycle of negative situations. No matter how hard you try to change more things are against you than for you. My passion for the helping profession developed while working as a case manager at Horizon House. I was pursuing my BA in Human Service when I was approached by the Director to start using poetry as therapy. At the time I was performing as a spoke word artist and sometimes I would perform for my job. But I never knew that poetry could be used as therapy until I was challenged to organize and facilitate a poetry and therapy writer's workshop for our clients within our youth program. As I reflect back over my life I saw how poetry was my therapy. It was my voice and outlet to overcome the sexual abuse I endured. 

            While I was preparing to conduct my first poetry and therapy workshop I found out that many therapists used poetry and other forms of writing as therapy (Poetry Therapy – A Form of Bibliotherapy). Then a light bulb went off when I realized that I can combine both passions together to help people; poetry and youth counseling. Prior to working as a case manager I have been in personal and professional setting where I worked as a counselor. I was foster parent for five years which gave me the advantage to see children who really need help to break the cycle of rejection and abandonment. 

     As a drama therapist this came about while working as foster parent recruiter and a teaching artist. As a foster parent recruiter I was asked to recite a poem for a parent conference we were having. The idea to acted out my life struggles as a one woman show was always an idea but, I never tried it. That day I decided to try it and everyone in the room was crying.  From there my one woman shows are now a part of my presentation when I'm hired to perform. As a teaching artist, I saw how my students began to open up about personal issues as they were acting out monologues and skits. I started to do more research about drama therapy while taking classes at GCU. Since I loved to act as much as reciting poetry and now I able to used both arts forms when I facilitate group therapy is truly a blessing. 

       My career goals is to become a certified poetic and drama therapist.  Obtain my Doctorate and open up my own practice to continue my work with helping children, youth and young adults to overcome their personal struggles.